Which lashes are the best for you eyeshape?

False eyelashes are there in many shapes and types.
Do choose a natural lash or are you going bold?

A lashguide helps you to choose the lashes best suitable for your eye, so you never have to wonder ” which lash is best suitable for me?''”.
Apart from whatever type of lashes you like, it is good to know which typs suits the best with your eye shape. What suits deep set eyes might not be the best option for monolids. Such liek make up,false eyelashes are made to bring to best out of you and your beauty! 

Take the lash guide quiz and discover which eyelashes are the best for you!

lash guide

How does the lashguide works?

It is super easy and simple. Answer three short questions with a picture and see which type of lash the best for your eye shape. So you know what to look for, no matter what brand you choose.


Don't forget this is just a guide. The choice is yours. Rules are made to be broken! Besides, there is only one true rule.... be Too Glam to give a damn! 

Still got a question?

Did the lash guide still leave you with questions about lashes? Send us a message on WhatsApp or ask your question with our contact page. We'd love to help!  

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Want to discover more about the different eyeshapes?

This handy blog post tells you more about the different types of eyes and what is suitable.


This is not only super handy for yourself but also if you are a starting MUA. So you know exactly what lash is the best for your clients. 

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lash guide

How do I apply false eyelashes?

Applying false eyelashes looks harder than it is. In fact, it is super easy with the following tips.

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